Do you have a question (or questions!) about something specific that we haven’t answered here? We’ve definitely got the answers to many, many other food safety inquiries (or we’ll find them for you).

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2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. I participate in a community garden and recently the coordinator had a playground and portable toilet brought in. The two sit side-by-side. But my main concern is that the toilet is placed about 15 feet from the garden plots and there is no protection such as a barrier or ditch between them. I am concerned that in the event someone knocks it over or we have a heavy rain it could contaminate the food. Also, there is a sanitizer dispenser but no fresh water hand washing station. Are there any guidelines covering this?

    • I think this is a two-parter, at least.

      First, you are absolutely right to be concerned about heavy rains or human error and that portable toilet! Is the toilet uphill or downhill? If it is downhill, there’s less of a chance that its waste would contaminate the garden in an accident. If it is uphill, do you think it is possible to move the portable toilet? It might take less effort than you think.

      Second, as for the handwashing station, you could absolutely wash hands with soap under the hose or using a jug, but you’d want to make sure that the wastewater has somewhere to go. Hand sanitizer is great in a pinch but it doesn’t protect you (or the harvest) against Norovirus–and you can’t use it for cleaning produce or even tools.

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